Thursday, August 20, 2015

When coworkers join in the fun...

So I know this has all been kind of heavy so far... I figured it's about time for a quick, light post, but I was having trouble thinking of something like that. Then today something happened and I was like EUREKA! I got one!

So... at work we are organized in the "large open workspace" pattern. Apparently Facebook's corporate offices are organized this way as well. We don't have cubes or offices... just a big room with rows of workstations. And I'm on crutches. And crutches go "click-clack" with every step.

And we don't really have any sort of acoustic management in place. Sound carries.

Anyway, the QA department supervisor sits in the same bay as I do. She mentioned in the hallway the other day that you can really hear me coming with these babies. Yeah, no shit. And now she has taken to, when she hears me coming thru our workroom, peering around over her shoulder in the sort of way you would with a little kid playing "I see you!" or peek-a-boo or whatever you want to call it. I slow down and act like I'm trying to sneak up on someone... we both smile.

I know it seems silly but it's kind of fun, it breaks the monotony and it makes me feel a little less like a freak for being on crutches without any visible cast, braces, wraps or anything of the kind.

I joked that with these crutches I remind myself of the crocodile from Peter Pan and she laughed and said said something like "I knew exactly who you meant before you even finished..."

It's kinda nice to feel connected to my surroundings... not in spite of but because of... my condition.