Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bet you thought I was gone!

I know, I know... bloggers come, bloggers go. I got off to a good start, but then... crickets.

Did you think I gave up? Wrong! Hah! Fooled you. *wink*

So here's last couple weeks in review:

A couple weeks ago my employer, Vemma, was raided by the FTC. If you were to look at the actual list of things I expected to happen to me in my life, working for a company raided by the feds was NOT on it. In any case... they shut us down on the spot. Fortunately I had a freelance gig in place and was able to keep working, though it really messed up the flow of life.

I feel very fortunate.

But then in the subsequent days I found out my posterior cruciate ligament (aka PCL) - one of the major ligaments to hold your upper and lower leg together, is likely torn, possibly entirely severed.

So I'm now on crutches and pain meds. Yay.

I never really realized just how much pain I'm actually in all the time until I started taking pain meds regularly. On the other hand my primary care doc's office told me they won't prescribe ongoing pain meds for chronic pain patients... which really makes you wonder what they're there for other than to tell me that a cold is a virus and drink fluids. Hell I can take my own BP at home.

Sheesh... whatever...

And then just to top it all off, our last checks from Vemma were delayed by 3 days because the law firm that is running the company while it's in receivership screwed up and played blame games with the bank rather than getting payroll done on time. What was supposed to be here Thursday morning wasn't here until this morning. Way to add insult to injury, guys! lol

On the other hand everyone is still alive, the pain meds have kicked in and I have a wonderful family that loves me. I don't suppose it gets much better than that, with or without the EDS issues. :)

Anyway... it's been a rough couple of weeks. Sorry for the blackout... here's to keeping up better in the future.