Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A helpful, useful link (and a little cynicism)

One of the greatest challenges we face is being understood by people who have no matching context from which to view us. That is to say:

There's no fucking way they could relate even if they wanted to.

And so they try. They say things they think are sympathetic and connecting, like "Yeah, know exactly how you feel. I sprained my ankle last summer."

So, for those who you feel are worth the effort, I provide you this link I obtained from a friend in one of my favorite EDS groups on Facebook:


Give them that link and watch their faces cloud as they try to think of something sympathetic and connecting to say, then give up on trying to relate and go with "Well, good luck."

I'm honestly not sure which is harder, being us or being close to us with no way to relate.

What do you think?